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The Gortat screen

The Pick-and-Roll situation is indisputably a key to any game at the highest level.  Within a single game, teams use different coverages to stop this two-men action.  Consequently, the best coaches prepare different counters to punish the different defenses. The…


My biggest take-away from the Spanish model

I'm a huge fan of the Spanish youth basketball development. I honestly believe it's the best in the world. I've have been lucky enough to experience and live the Spanish model from closeby. I haven't been hiding it. At the…


Webinar for coaches in Japan

On Sunday March 28nd I will be giving a webinar for basketball coaches in Japan. The topic will be "High level skills Japanese players should acquire & how to develop them". More details and the possibility to sign up can be…


The wrinkle that every coach wants in his playbook

I think it’s safe to say every coach has a “Horns” 🤘 set in his playbook. The biggest pitfall for running any Horns play is the lack of dynamics. But this opens the door to what is probably one of the simplest but most effictive…

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