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Most Wanted: CREATIVITY!

The one with Chacho & Cobbs

Do you also think today’s game has evolved into a pick-and-roll game? 

And are you also nostalgic about the days where players could go by their defender without any aids?

… without being too much of a ballhawk and kill the flow of the offense completely.

… and with some new sparkles of creativity that others would copy?

Like for example ‘the Bodiroga dribble’ back in the days that inspired kids worldwide?

“Complete” basketball players are able to beat their man.

And as a team, you need a certain amount of creativity on moments where other team concepts let you down.

Easy to say, but how do you teach it?

Well, in my humble opinion, I think there are two main things:

1. Force creativity

It’s important to set-up drills and game situations where players are FORCED to be creative. Because there’s no alternative to create advantages.

Last week, I witnessed here in Valencia the MiniCopa tournament between the U14 teams of the ACB clubs.  The unwritten rule of not using ballscreens is respected by all teams.  It’s hard not to be impressed by the wide variety of creativity those kids bring to the table in order to compete.

Other countries have similar rules.  But Spain is for me the #1 country where creativity is provoked in the youth development.  Where kids are motivated and forced into situations where they have to find solutions.  And make mistakes!!

I’m thinking about sharing more practice material and footage by this channel in the future.  Stay definitely tuned in!

2. Look at what the best players are doing

Study it.
Analyze it.
Break it down.
Teach it, step by step.
Slice it down.
Add decision making.
Add more decision making!

You don’t teach basketball out of old textbooks.

It’s a rapid evolving game.  You do it by studying succesful actors in today’s game.

Today I want to give you an insight how I break it down.  I analyzed for you two players that inspire me in Europe when it comes down to beating their man: Sergio Rodriguez and Justin Cobbs.  In these videos I highlight all the in- and outs of their skillset.

BREAKDOWN Sergio Rodriguez

                                        The split-and-go off the dribble!

BREAKDOWN Justin Cobbs

                                Attacking fencing steps off the dribble!

I hope that these examples can inspire you for some studywork and drill design.  It wraps up today’s article for you.

I’m actually pretty curious about your favorite examples in today’s game in 1-on-1 actions? Always into learning new actions!

Stay tuned for more soon!

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