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“Analytics don’t work!”

We have crossed a point of no return... Analytics WILL play an more important role in the future of basketball.  Also internationally.  Also in Europe. There's no way back, it's inevitable.  And it will be crucial in closing the remaining…


A heartwarming basketball story

I hope this message finds you well. In a previous article I called Spain the best basketball blueprint. Today I want to share an example on how they do an excellent job in building a basketball culture. Because I love the story and…


The pick-and-roll is no longer a two-man action!

Ballscreen spacing and cuts: a  🎥  breakdown The “pick-and-roll” action is probably still the number 1 action for teams in Europe to create an advantage over the defense. While years ago it was basically an action by two players to…

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Recently I did a podcast with Chris Oliver of Basketball Immersion.