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An exclusive look into my individual work-outs: Offensive Rebounding

Last week I shared a video breakdown on Offensive Rebounding.

(You can still find that masterclass with Toko Shengelia 👉 right here)

Taking your time to study the details of a skill at the highest level is an important step in the process.

But obviously, it doesn’t stop there.

Upon request,  I want to go one step further in this article.

I’ll give you a look behind the scenes how all of this translates to my practices.

Below I share three drills I typically use in an individual session when working on offensive rebounding.

Why?  Because I’m convinced that rebounding is one of the main topic that causes a coach yelling during a game.  But how much time do we spend teaching our players on HOW TO get a rebound?

Instead of explaining every detail of the drill, I will let the videos do the work.

Keep in mind that I’m not trying to show a perfect execution right here.  Rather I invite you to reflect on how to break down skills into individual drills.

Drill #1: Rebounding behind the head

As a rebounder, you often end up being “wedged” close to the basket.  Reaction time is key, just as grabbing that rebound behind your head.  With one or two arms.

Drill #2:  Toss the ball to yourself above a defender

If you can’t grab a ball, the best thing you can do is keep it alive.  Toss it to yourself.

Drill #3:  One hand reach outside of body cylindre

An effective rebounder is able to reach and scoop a ball outisde of his body cylindre.

As always, your feedback matters to me!  Don’t hesitate to reach out!

These drills have been filmed during my work at EuroProBasket.  EuroProBasket is an Academy for professional players looking for a job.  They offer advanced training with professional European coaches and games against local teams.  EuroProBasket is located in the most advanced basketball facilities in Europe (Valencia Basket, Spain).

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