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Mastering the offensive rebound

Today I have a video breakdown for you.

One of a rare kind.

Analytics tell us that the Offensive Rebounding Percentage is one of the Four key factors for an efficient offense.  It’s crucial in both recruiting and preparing a gameplan.

People coaching from their intuition know that putting pressure on the offensive boards is crucial for a good floor balance.  They will install rules on how many and which players crash the boards.

Players coaches will stress the fact the rebounding is all about effort and heart.  At any level.  Just go after it.  Jump into the huddle.  

Crashing the boards is often a topic in a pre-game briefing.  And probably rebounding causes the most shouting by a coach during a game… Next to the sideline or during time-outs…

But how much time do we spend teaching our players HOW TO get an offensive rebound?

For this article, I made a 7 minute video breakdown of all aspects to offensive rebounding.  Analyzing clips of Tornike Shengelia.

Why Toko?

Simply because he’s among the three best offensive rebounders in the Euroleague (among the players not playing center position).

And even more because his game is a masterclass that shows all aspects of rebounding on the offensive end.

The structure of this video is as follows:

Structure of the video

– Inside position: sit and relax
– Outide position: wedge under backboard
– Fly in: Zig-Zag
– Using fakes

– Hands ready
– Tip-in with 1 or 2 hands
– 1 hand scoop
Rien ne va plus: Toss the ball!

– Timing of your jump
– Know where to go (Read this!)
– Special situation: free throws (!!)

Watch and enjoy the full videobreakdown here:

Breaking down the details of a skill is a first step in the teaching process.  Next up is to bring this knowledge to “the lab“.  To the court.

Let me know if you’re interested in having a look behind the screens how I translate this into sessions with my players.

That’s it for now, stay tuned for more and take care!

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