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Video masterclass: How to use a screen to get open?

More than ever in the history of the game, the number #1 skill in the game is … shooting!  Few will disagree with this.  For sure when you see the evolution over the past decade.

And still …

Anyone knows them …  The great “practice shooters” …  The ones that seem unbeatable in shooting drills at practice, but never lived up to their potential.

Each story is different.  And there are multiple possible reasons.

But I always wonder if something was missing in the player’s development.

Was he challenged enough to shoot at game speed throughout his practice years? Was he guided to cope with game pressure?  Was he taught to get open to shoot?

Today I want to focus on the latter.

How much time do we spend teaching HOW TO use a screen to get open?

Or do we just draw up some random screens on our coaching board?  And expect our players to get the job done and give us in return his shooting% from practice?

There’s a lot more to it.  Details that have to be thaught.  And decision making that has to be practiced.

For this article, I made a video breakdown of all aspects of using a screen to get open.  I include clips of some of the best shooters setting up screens, like Marco Bellinelli, Mario Hezonja and Klemen Prepelic.

The structure of this masterclass is as follows:

– Zig-Zag
– Footwork
– Eyes
– Arms
– Body

– Fight the front foot
– Momentum of the defender
– Use of the arm

– Advantage of overview
– From low stance
– Fake with foot and shoulder


Watch and enjoy the full videobreakdown for free here:

Breaking down the details of a skill is a first step in the teaching process.  Next up is to bring this knowledge to “the lab“.  To the court.

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