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Europe’s best plays to attack a zone from out-of-bounds

More and more coaches use adjusted defensive schemes coming out of a time-out. At all levels some coaches opt for a zone defense to cancel a special play by the opponent.

As a coach, you better come up with a plan to face these situations. 

Today I want to share 5 plays to attack a zone from out-of-bounds from European games that went straight into my playbook.

All 5 plays have in common that
1) they’re super simple, don’t expect any rocket science here!
2) they’re applicable at any level
3) they’re super efficient and bring players at the highest level in trouble

At any level it will offer you the possibility to teach your players how to attack a zone defense. The key to succes lays in the timing of the cuts/screens and the use of the body to seal off defenders. 

Or it will give you a Plan B late in a game for an easy basket from the out-of-bounds.

1. BOB  (Coach Jasikevicius – FC Barcelona)

Barcelona attacks a zone from BLOB without screens
Key points
📍 Multiple & simultaneous cuts
📍 Shift the responsability for a player between the different rows of the zone
📍 Seal defender to be open

2. BOB  (Coach Roijakkers – Bamberg)

Bamberg starts the BOB from a line concept starting at the free throw level.
By having all 4 players cutting, they create miscommunication in defense and an overload in the “second row” of the zone.
The responsability to guard players shifts from one row to the other.

3. BOB  (Coach Burgos – Valencia Ladies)

Valencia starts from a box alignment to attack the zone from out-of-bounds.
The bigs screen and simultaneously for the guards who run to the corners.

By simply opening up after the screens, 4 players become available to the ball, with only 3 defenders in the “second row” of the zone.

4. SLOB  (Coach Lukic – Nizhny Novgorod)

A beauty SLOB for a quick lob pass against a 2-3 zone by Nizhny Novgorod in the Champion’s League.

5. SLOB  (Coach Rudez – Donar Groningen)

Donar Groningen proves here that the regular SLOB’s also can work versus a zone defense. Small adjustments to where to open up and which defender to screen can open up some good looks.

To edit the videos and highlight my remarks, I use Coach Paint

Let me know if you want to hear more about it.

Stay tuned, till next time!

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