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“1993 just called ☎️. They want their Motion Offense back.”

Hi all!

I hope this message finds you well! I have some personal news that got me really fired up 🔥, but first time for some X’s and O’s!

The other day I was watching a scrimmage game by West Virginia, a top college of the Big 12 Conference. Surprisingly, after a couple of possessions, it had me catapulted 25 years back in time. West Virginia ran the exact same play as I did as a kid… A 2-3 high post offense with a screen-the-screener continuïty which almost EVERY team in Belgium would run in those days. For years, I ran this continuïty millions of times in my sleep with a neverending shotclock 😅.

I realize that some fundamental concepts in basketball are timeless and that – like a pendulum – certain tendencies come and go. That’s not the problem. But this continuïty offense got me thinking though… Judge for yourself in the clip below, but what bothers me most is the (lack of) SPACING in this play, with both low-posts often taken which takes away lots of penetration options:

Actually, I’m more than open for your input here… How can this prepare players in the best possible way for a career in the NBA or overseas, where 4-out or 5-out plays reign?
When in Vegas in July, I was charmed by the 5-out spacing by several teams!

I’d be more than happy to hear which spacing you generally preach on your team❓❓❓

Allthough this 2-3 high player alignment is not my cup of tea, it should not hold you from playing with a proper spacing. Last week, headcoach Johnny Dawkins of Central Florida University showed in the same gym that from this 2-3 line-up, you can easily – after one pass or cut – go into a 4-out or even 5-out spacing. As an example, I made a clip of some of their offensive sets: 
If you wonder how on earth I could watch 5 NCAA1 university teams play this past week? 
Well, that has everything to do with my new function!

The upcoming months I will work as the headcoach of the EuroProBasket International Academy in Valencia (Spain). EuroProBasket is an academy for professional players looking for a club in Europe. With two practices a day, we prepare them on- and off-court in the best possible way for a career in European basketball! 
We are based in l’Alqueria Del Basket, home of Valencia Basket and probably the most unique basketball facilities in Europe. In one of my next articles, I will for sure go deeper into our activities and accomodation here.

Living for the first time in a EuroLeague city, I can’t wait for the real action to start off! In the meantime, I keep on watching and learning what these top college NCAA1 programs run and teach during their international trips!

Stay tuned, some more content is coming up real soon now!


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