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The hard truth about lay-ups

I have two questions for all of you: - How many coaches complain about a lack of time on the court with their team? (Count me in, just like 100% of all committed and passionated coaches) - How many coaches start EVERY SINGLE…


“I loved this podcast!”

I'm getting some amazing feedback about the podcast I did with Chris Oliver of Basketball Immersion. Here's a reply I got on Twitter: "I loved this pod!!!! Every sentence, every thought is clear and precise. I’m already starting to read more…


SPAIN PICK AND ROLL (and a personal note!)

I’ve created some insightful content that I wanted to get to you about a gamechanger on regular pick & roll actions in modern basketball. But before we dive in, a personal note. I’ve decided to leave my current team T71 Dudelange…

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Recently I did a podcast with Chris Oliver of Basketball Immersion.