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Top 5 📽️ concepts of European basketball

Good morning!

No need to talk a lot, I’ll let my videos do the work this time. I just want to share my favourite ones of these past few weeks. 
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1. Why ALEXEY SHVED is a nightmare for every big in the Euroleague

Expect at any time a STEP-UP screen for Shved where help is needed! Never sleep  💤
 on him… Hits 3’s, puts you on skates ⛸️ or forces switch.

2. The lost art of the inside game: Serbia’s TALL BALL on #FIBAWC2019

Since the success of the Golden State Warriors in the NBA, “small-ball”  line-ups without traditional centers seemed to reign modern basketball the last few years. Earlier this month however, Serbia was very successful at the World Cup in China playing “Tall Ball”, with 6 players taller than 2m09 on their roster. In their 1st Round victory over Italy, they out-scored the opponent 32-14 in the paint and dominated the rebound to seal a clear 92-77 victory.
In this video breakdown, I focus on three key elements on how Serbia was successful in the tournament with their inside game:
In transition, Serbia focuses a lot on the rim-runner (the first big that runs the middle of the floor). By sealing off the first defender, a lob pass is a key to an easy basket since there’s nobody back to help in defense.
Old textbooks teach you to feed the post from the side of the court when the big man has his two feet pointing towards the ball. Serbia tries to feed the post often from the middle of the court. Because of the size advantage, Serbia does not need a completely open passing and throws the ball over the defense that plays in the passing lane. The clear advantage here is that – with the ball in the middle of the court – no defender can give help with lethal shooters as Bogdanovic in the corners.
In the video I highlight some of the best sealing-off actions by the bigs of Serbia.  When the ball moves around the perimeter, they use their body extremely well to keep the defender in their back to create an open passing lane.

3. Need a TOP PNR action with a simple and short “foreplay”?

Need a TOP PNR action with a simple and short “foreplay”?
Maccabi Tel Aviv shows 4 variations in one quarter

4. ASVEL: simple diamond play with different isolation options

XsOs ASVEL: Diamond 💎 play to isolate inside player OR perimeter player

5. SIMPLICITY can be lethal 🎱 whenever TIMING ⏲️ is perfect!
SIMPLICITY can be lethal 🎱 whenever TIMING ⏲️ is perfect! No ROCKET SCIENCE 🚀 needed!
XsOs: Zalgiris uses 1 screen to set up a simple PNR. By sending 2 players up for a screen, Zalgiris takes away 2 possible help defenders on the PNR

Oh, and one more thing: this week I’ll be giving my first coaching clinic in Valencia (Spain). Excited! 🔥

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