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The lowpost game is dead … Long live the LOWPOST GAME!

Centers without a threepoint shot have become an exception in modern basketball. 

Obviously, the extended shooting range of everybody has impacted the offensive spacing on the court.  More and more teams run sets in a “5 out” alignment.

Often, analysts call it the death of the lowpost game in modern basketball. 

But this evolution also opens up the opportunity for others.

As well as in the NBA as in Europe, there are perimeter players that can take advantage of their opponent from the post.

Last season, Nikola Kalinic was surrounded exclusively with bigs with a threepoint shot.

His game in the lowpost is one of the reasons for his succesful season with Valencia Basket.

According to the analytics (source: INSTATS), 24% of Kalinic’s shots followed from a post-up action.  Those shots lead to an efficient 0.99 “Points-Per-Possession“.  The value of these actions is even higher if you take into account the numerous assists he dished from this spot.

In the video below, I break down the key fundamentals of Kalinic on the lowpost:
– his “go to” moves: attack the middle & spin move
– his positioning after PNR, after BOB, in transition, …
– his passing skills
– …

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