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“I loved this podcast!”

I’m getting some amazing feedback about the podcast I did with Chris Oliver of Basketball Immersion.

Here’s a reply I got on Twitter:
“I loved this pod!!!! Every sentence, every thought is clear and precise. I’m already starting to read more of Pascal’s work and I’m blown away. Thank you for an introduction to brilliance, Chris.”

I’m very excited to to hear your feedback as well.

Here’s the link, let me know what you think:

The podcast can also be found on SpotifyApple i-Tunes or YouTube.

A couple of quotes that reveal some of the discussed topics:

“We have to make our players smarter and we have to prepare them to make the right decisions on the court. We cannot have drills where there is . . no decision.”

“As a team we have to make a defensive philosophy . . every coach has a playbook for his offense but I think it’s even more important to have a defensive playbook . . for instance, what should I say for which moment?”

“Defending harder, going harder for a rebound . . you have to be able to quantify it . . and help players to understand what you are talking about.”

[On the limitations of some statistics] “In regular stats, we don’t take into account the concept of pace . . the number of possessions you have in a game . . that concept of pace determines a lot about stats.”

“There is a difference between playing rushed and playing fast . . the less talented teams tend to play rushed.”

“I can’t convince my players by the numbers only . . it is making things as simple and as clear as possible and combine it with some video.”


PS: In the meantime, keep your fingers crossed! With my team T71 Dudelange we’re playing the semi-finals of the Total League in Luxemburg and I absolutely want to end my period with the club with a *bang*!

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