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Europe’s best concepts after an offensive rebound

Last Euroleague season, teams averaged around 10 offensive rebounds per game.  Even when more than half of them ends in a put-back, it’s easy to understand that it pays off to have a plan for these extra possessions of 14 seconds.

The most common action is probably passing the ball out to a guard who asks for a ballscreen.  The biggest pitfall is that this option becomes too static with no off-ball movement, allowing the defense to prepare for the screen. 

In this video break down several more dynamic and inventive alternatives involving two of the best creators in the Euroleague: Sergio Llull and Sergio “Chacho” Rodriguez.

Sprinting into a “Horns” action for example can be very effective.  While “Horns” as a setplay risks to be static, now the two bigs sprint out after the outlet pass. Simultaneously, the wings fill the corners.

Real Madrid is known for running a “Spain Pick ‘n’ Roll” (aka “Stack PNR”) after an offensive board.  Running the three-men action in the middle of the court with filled corners, often results in a good shot. 

El Chacho goes one step further with Milan calling for a wrinkle to the Spain PNR.  In the video I show how they create a guaranteed 2 on 1 situation for the shooters on the weakside:

For the video editing I use a piece of magic, called “Coach Paint”. Hit me up if you want to know more. This video was published in AdB Hoops, a FREE international digital magazine 👉 sign up here.

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