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Breakdown of Europe’s best opening strategy

Last week I wrote you about how Alba Berlin won a couple of games against all odds. How King Aito surprised several Euroleague teams with some of the best gambits seen around.

You can read the whole story HERE.

Today I go one step further. I offer you a complete video breakdown of Aito’s best opening strategies. Zone defenses that lead to several checkmates on the Euroleague stage.

Consider it as my belated Christmas present 🎁 to you. And as a bonus I add the box-one-one zone that limited Zalgiris to 7 Q1 points last season.

King Aito’s key zone concepts
🗝 Mobile big (Nikic/Olende) on top of a 1-2-2 zone that even picks up the PG ¾ court
🗝 Whenever the ball is not on top of the zone, Nikic sprints to the heart of the zone, showing a 2-1-2 formation
🗝 Whenever the ball is below the break, the zone is more like a traditional 2-3 zone with Nikic in the middle
🗝 Ball on lowpost or short corner: TRAP! Nikic’s wingspan on the ball allows all off-ball defenders to go in an open stance to aim for a steal.

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