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Being an elite defender by … going against the textbooks

Facundo Campazzo will take his brilliance to the NBA. No doubt his flashy assists and PNR decisions will look good on the side of Nikola Jokic.

However, his (lack of) physicality make some people doubt. How will a 1m81 (5’11) guard fit in the NBA? Where switching pick-and-rolls has become “the new normal“.

The answer is that Campazzo doesn’t need a switch in those situations. He’s a master in … not getting screened.

As the best Argentinian dancer he moves under and over the picks. That will be a key in coaching him into a succesful career in the NBA.

And that’s exactly what I will break down in today’s article.

When guarding the ball in a PNR situation, priority #1 is … not to get screened.  Whenever a pick hits and holds you on the shoulder, this results in a 2-on-1 situation.  Additionally, it is important to keep pressure on the ball as much as possible. Because it limits the vision and decision making of the playmaker.

In order to avoid getting screened, the best ball defenders seem to soar lightly over the floor.  Unlike how the old-school textbooks dictate it. They move on the ball of their feet in a higher stance and don’t fear to cross their legs.

Whether to go OVER or UNDER a pick is a decision which depends on several factors: personnel scouting, exact location, floor balance, previous action and timing by both defenders involved, …

In the video I break down some of the ins-and-outs by one of the best PNR defenders in the Euroleague.  I discuss and show some of these crucial fundamentals: hip to shoulder to pass the screen, when to use a spin move to go under, when to cross your legs, …

For the video editing I use a piece of magic, called “Coach Paint“. Hit me up if you want to know more.

Stay tuned for more soon!

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