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SPAIN PICK AND ROLL (and a personal note!)

I’ve created some insightful content that I wanted to get to you about a gamechanger on regular pick & roll actions in modern basketball.

But before we dive in, a personal note.

I’ve decided to leave my current team T71 Dudelange in Luxemburg after this season. I’ve been pondering about this for a few weeks now and I’ve finally shared this with my team and club.

I’m extremely grateful to the club, players and staff for working together these past two years.
At the same time, I’m proud on how we coped as a team with the external circumstances and pressure. Despite that not one single newspaper or website mentioned us as a contender or even an outsider for the championship and despite all the injuries and absences, we will start the play-offs ranked one game behind number 2.

Looking backwards, I’m proud on these results so far, knowing that
– I don’t feel responsible for the gap on the roster with only 1 player between the experienced domestic players of +30y and the generation of youngsters where we launched a prospect for D1 at the age of 16.
– we were limited to three “transfers” on the domestic market over these two seasons (due to league rules), where I’m impressed by the progression shown by the players we picked up in D2
– we had to play 7 crucial games without one or more key players on a short rotation
– two years in a row I signed a contract with T71 with the knowledge to build a team with and around one key player that for different reasons never played a game for us.

The recruitement of one of both import players has been a struggle this year. I think that only the staff and management close around the team can testify on all the struggles we have been facing since last summer. Let me add that all teams in the Total League recruited 15 (out of a possible 20) new import players. Four (!) of those players finished the season (among which our US point-guard) and in total 41 (!!!) different players played on these 15 spots this season.

My decision to leave the club after the season will not change my burning motivation to go as far as possible during these play-offs! I explicitly want to thank everybody in the T71 organization for their confidance and support these past two seasons and I wish the T71 family all the best for the future.

Some clubs have already shown interest, but for now, I will focus for 100% on the play-off run with T71. I’m open to new opportunities and contacts and this delay will allow me to take a deliberate choice towards my future.

Back to the court now! I wanted to write you about this 7 minute video breakdown I made on the so-called “Spain Pick & Roll” action, which is turning into a gamechanger in modern basketball. I explain what it is discuss how to use it and what the possible counters are. Go and check it out!

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  1. Very interesting.. Shows how important versatility can be. Just one question where you say Bako should close out on the shot instead of staying with Kesteloot. Looks like if he would do that Kesteloot has a free line to the basket. I understand why Bako stays with Kesteloot. You would prefer him to close out anyway and leave Kesteloot open?

    1. No, the misunderstanding of Dudzinski/Sanders forces Bako to choose between an open shot of Lasisi and an open lay-up of Kesteloot.. So his choice to stay with Kesteloot is right.

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