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Spacing secrets by one of Europe’s coaching 🐐’s

Good afternoon!

Every disadvantage has its advantage. This Covid-19 crisis leaves us with some extra time to study the game. Today I want to dig in some of the spacing concepts by one of Europe’s coaching GOATs, Željko Obradović  (9x EuroLeague winner). 

Since the game of basketball has drastically changed, most teams have less low-post players with a lot of moves with the back to the basket. However, analytics back ups the idea that it’s still very important to have these “paint touches” (inside-outside game) in order to have a proper spacing in offense. 

Once the ball is on the low-post, a good alternative for a post move is a STEP-UP SCREEN. This means that the big gives up the ball to the wing and sets a ballscreen on the outside, giving an option to attack the baseline.

Such a step-up screen also allows the ball to enter the NASH ZONE, which is the area between the two blocks and the baseline.  Whenever the ball crosses this Nash Zone, the help defense becomes the ballside defense and vica versa. In reality, this often turns into a completely collapsed defense, with all defensive players looking at the ball. With a proper replacement along the three-point line, this can create several shooting options.

In this video 🎥 breakdown, I highlight how Coach Obradovic uses both weapons with Fenerbahce to feed his shooters in offense (ànd the best way to stop it!).  👇👇👇

For the video editing I use a piece of magic, called “Coach Paint”. Hit me up if you want to know more. This video was published in AdB Hoops, a FREE international digital magazine 👉 sign up here.

In the meantime, stay safe and healthy!

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