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Webinar for coaches in Japan

On Sunday March 28nd I will be giving a webinar for basketball coaches in Japan. The topic will be "High level skills Japanese players should acquire & how to develop them". More details and the possibility to sign up can be…


Interview on Belgian basketball (Dutch)

Onderstaand interview is integraal te lezen op de Facebook pagina van 'Limburg Basketbal'. Het interview dateert van 22 februari 2021. Wij hadden een boeiend gesprek met coach Pascal Meurs. Pascal was de voorbije jaren vooral actief in het buitenland, als…


“Help, my big can’t shoot!”

Andrew Bogut calls it a day.  After 15 NBA seasons and one ring, he quits playing basketball.  No big deal?  Well, I have a good reason to spend today’s article on him.  And why every coach and GM should study…


How analytics lead to winning playcalls

In today’s article I highlight how analytics helped Real Madrid to be successful in the Euroleague.  After a rough start of the season, the mathematics behind the game whispered the winning playcall in Coach Laso’s ear! Ever since I spent…


Practice Design: lessons from video games

The second wave of the worldwide pandemic is again the moment where a lot of young adults spend time on Fortnite instead of working out on the court. When that happened some months ago, I dove deeper into the genius…

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