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The RIM-RUNNER: a complete video breakdown

In today's article I highlight the player that can make or break your offensive transition. And that's not​ your point-guard! Having a big man that sprints at the rim (a "RIM-RUNNER") is a gamechanger for your offensive concept! Over the…


How to select your inbound plays?

As everybody knows, basketball is a game of details. So far this season, 43% of the games are decided within a margin of two possessions in the Euroleague. How important are out-of-bounds plays to you as a coach? Unlike setplays,…


The Gortat screen

The Pick-and-Roll situation is indisputably a key to any game at the highest level.  Within a single game, teams use different coverages to stop this two-men action.  Consequently, the best coaches prepare different counters to punish the different defenses. The…


My biggest take-away from the Spanish model

I'm a huge fan of the Spanish youth basketball development. I honestly believe it's the best in the world. I've have been lucky enough to experience and live the Spanish model from closeby. I haven't been hiding it. At the…

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